Outlet structure, Dam Mikilim, Eritrea

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 Dam Mikilim, Eritrea

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We work in the field of civil engineering and water resources


Assab Hospital, Eritrea

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HEC-RAS Analysis, River Aire, Geneva

Dam Mikilim Construction, Eritrea

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Hydrology emerged as a science in response to the need to understand the complex water systems of the Earth and assist to resolve water problems.

It is the science that comprises of the occurrence, circulation, movement, and characteristics of the oceans and rivers of the globe and their association with the environment within each stage of the hydrologic cycle.


Irrigation is the application of water to the soil to complement naturally occurring precipitation and render an ambiance that is generally ideal for crop production. Efficiently Irrigated plants produce much more harvest than non-irrigated plants.

It is accustomed to facilitating the growth of plants, preservation of landscapes,…

Construction Supervision

Construction is an all-purpose expression commonly used in the civil engineering industries. It practically means construction of steel and timber structures, buildings, irrigation infrastructures, as well as dams including other hydraulic structures.

In construction that comprises of cement, as concrete and aggregate need to meet the standard quality,

Global Co-operations

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Formal training received: BSc degree in civil engineering, MscEng Hydrologic engineering and took part in more advanced research at higher academic institutions as collaborator and Ph.D. ................................Read More


The use of engineering models proficiently, employing advanced engineering instruments in our tasks, having access to technologically advanced support and decision-making system as well as access to advanced lab tools, capability to implement up-to-date engineering software programs render us competitive edge in the profession. Moreover, we bring in global competencies in association with leading professionals around the globe.


We foresee needs and deliver every pledge we make.


We are smaller in size aspiring to expand in the near future and provide services worldwide in collaboration with partners and associates. We would like to work jointly in the areas where we are able to add considerably to bring in a difference in communities or simply be of importance. Problems are growing in number faster than solutions; hence our vision is to play a role or a part in alleviating them.

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