A consultant is an expert who offers professional advice in a particular field and has an extensive knowledge of the subject, profound level of proficiency acquired via many years of practical experience and training. He may possess undergraduate qualifications, university degrees, professional designations related to his area of expertise. For instance, an accounting consultant may have to have a chartered accountant status and an engineer has to have professional engineer status.

We assume that well-structured, properly organized expertise is essential in fixing problems with considerably less effort and much better efficacy as compared with non-organized competence. Therefore, forming an alliance with prospective consultants offers us numerous competitive advantages to achieve success in our endeavors. In the course of both proposal phase and award stage, consultants will be of assistance in achieving our objective and play a role in contributing to the success of the project.

Whilst contractual agreement is necessary to take part in projects, partnering as a consultant with our organization does not require binding agreement. It is basically an alliance or accessibility to provide assistance.

When assistance of individual experts required, we will make contact immediately. Once a written confirmation received, the designated consultant would collaborate or team up in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed.

Our consultants are our client’s assurance, henceforth we would like them to be presented to clients as our potential experts or advisers.

We value our relationship and hence respect all terms of contractual agreements.

We like to have a pool of expertise in the following disciplines:…………

Engineering consultant: Engineering is a regulated profession and registration in the competent office is required. An engineering consultant may be Hydro-logic engineers, Water resource engineer, Agricultural engineers, irrigation, hydraulics, structural engineers etc. and be able to offer service in engineering fields.

Medical consultant (regulated profession):  a senior medical doctor such as surgeon or pathologist and be able to assist in projects that may require medical personnel recommendations and health precautions such as in areas where certain endemic diseases are predominant or in case of medical facility construction.

Hydrologist consultant: help out with hydrology.

Hydrogeologist: help out with hydro-geology.

Consulting accountant: help out with audit and taxation

Human Resources consultant:  offers assistance in managing employees in regards to the project assignment.

Management consultant: assist in the areas of efficiency while carrying out a task and able to suggest a better way of performing it.

Environmental consultant:  an expert knowledgeable in the areas of environmental regulations and Env. potential issues deals with environmental protection measures and precautions etc

An independent contractor:  assist in construction materials and equipment services such as choosing the right equipment for the project, choosing protection materials. Plus consultation in the provision of concrete forms and scaffolding (temporary support) materials.

A partnership is an agreement to take action jointly that hopefully will benefit virtually all taking part in the process, bringing results that could possibly not be accomplished by one single player performing in isolation.

Joint venture assists competences to be structured and properly organized in accordance with local requirements and preferences. This curbs unnecessary hard work and eliminates duplication. It brings in together distinct players in collaborative endeavors to impact change.

As problems and challenges are expanding more quickly than solutions! Teaming up with all pertinent performers, local or regional organizations; contribute to the solution. We would like to be a significant player in the whole and be there to respond to these needs. However, as associates we don’t intend to impose or alternatively be enforced on us any commitment or dedication; it is essentially a mutual association, simply assisting one other.

We believe that regardless of how excellent one might be; often there is room for improvements.

We envisage excellence and acknowledge the benefits of new modern technology and make use of them assist in keeping us ahead in the industry. Subsequently, we would like to work in collaboration with software programmers, construction materials vendors and manufacturers; local and regional construction agencies and various other competence providers.

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