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Biggest Dam Removal in European History Begins

In a historic moment for Europe’s rivers, the first breach was made today in the 36-meter high Vezins Dam – kick-starting the biggest dam removal in the continent so far.
This landmark event is part of a long-term project to free the Sélune River, and bring salmon, eels and other wildlife back to the river and the famous bay of Mont-Saint-Michel – a UNESCO world heritage site and one of Europe’s prime tourist attractions.

The dismantling of the Vezins dam – as well as another old obsolete dam, La Roche Qui Boit— will open up 90 km of the Selune river, improving water quality, allowing migratory salmon to return to their ancient spawning grounds, and benefiting people and nature all along the river.

“The removal of the Vezins Dam signals a revolution in Europe’s attitude to its rivers: instead of building new dams, countries are rebuilding healthy rivers and bringing back biodiversity,” said Roberto Epple, president of European Rivers Network. read more

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