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Residence House project

Housing Project



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CATEGORIES: Engineering project
DATE: 15th November 2016

Detail and complete drawings of Residential house building

All of the illustrations are drafted based on the information and dimensions presented in the book titled Residential Design Using AutoCAD 2017

All the illustrations are made by

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Apartment Floor: illustration

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CATEGORIES: Eng project
DATE: 25th April 2017

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Our services are mainly drawing and drafting of outsourced designs from enterprises such as architecture bureau, civil engineers bureau, and other private clients. We do drawings according to the preferences and specifications of customers. Moreover, we wish to Work jointly or take subcontracts of parts of residential buildings or redo designs as-built drawing.

We use predominantly most recent AutoCAD software both 2D and 3D functions. Additional software’s like 3D Civil, AutoCAD Map and Rivet will likely be attainable shortly.

Our areas of expertise encompass residence building, dam and surface irrigation infrastructure construction and design, on top of that we are proficient users of total station instrument (surveying instrument) and golden surfer software applications.

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