Global Co-operations

The “hydro-engineers” founders are like-minded civil engineers and hydrologists. Being raised in East Africa and traveled to the continent, we have witnessed and discovered the potential of Africa. Regardless of the poverty and the challenges that exist throughout the continent insinuates; Africa is one of the richest continents on the planet. Africa possesses, among others, qualified engineers, geologists, medical practitioners, and hydrologists, though this may seem contrary to the actual situation.

Quite frankly, it is the politics as well as the ruthless regimes that crippled qualified personnel in Africa. As a result, they remain without option but leave the continent. Is that the right decision? Well, it is the only option to stay alive. We hope that the candle may lighten up in time so that the darkness may vanish.

This suggests the necessity of revaluation and rectification of the old-fashioned or long-established corrupt system to reestablish the continent.

On the other side, in Africa, particularly, in eastern Africa nonbeneficial competition has created a dysfunctional society. These may have come as a result of the characterization of people in into groups. Throughout the past civilization, individuals usually categorized as weak or strong in accordance with the traditional values,  in a way that not consistent with the widely/universally accepted truth. In this manner, women or men are branded into groups. This foster competition between parties and it has become a tradition. This basically created a  a community that competes worthlessly rather than cooperates,  This leads the continent into a cycle of poverty. It is important to acknowledge that each individual is unique and  harness the potential accordingly.

Therefore, it is right to feel that now is an exciting new epoch that African expertise could certainly join hands and make a difference in the continent. For this reason, the “hydro-engineers office” love to reach out to leading African professionals and request to lend their helping hands in their reputed area of expertise to bring a much better service to the continent in all aspects of life.

We love to seek advice from partners and consultants in their regarded area of specialization or experiences to serve our clients best.

The Hydro-Engineers office

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."

Halford Luccock