Construction Site Survey


The role of a hydrologist in a society is significant as it deals with water. Hydrologist examines and interprets hydrological data/information. For instance, assess flood risk, drought and formulate a strategy to deal with them. Investigate the effects of land use such as irrigation and deforestation in a specific area and analyze the repercussions. Besides, assess water budget of a catchment and prepare water use plan.

Monitor data collection and evaluate it employing hydrological and statistical skills. Work with hydrometric to set up, maintain and calibrate equipment such as water levels, rainfall and sediment monitoring devices or structures.

Prepares inundation maps, predict rainfall and runoff and subsequently formulate or recommend strategies how to manage them.

Hydrologist operates in collaboration with other engineers in irrigation, roads, dam, and water reservoir projects and so on.

Our staff members are dynamic and up to date. Able to employ technologies and other advanced as well as widely accepted hydrological models.  Most importantly, work closely with other leading experts and scientists.

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Our staff is excellent in assessing, planning and designing of an irrigation system such as canals, barrage, drain, drop structure, turnouts, culverts weirs, levees or dams, siphons etc.

Analyze soil types, estimate plant water demand.

Supervise topographic survey of irrigation command area, place canal structures, and help construct them in the field.

Prepare technical detail designs including bill of quantities and drawings, moreover assist in the preparation of tender documents and contracts.

Design and construct drainage network systems and deal with problems associated with it such as waterlogging.

Amongst others, able to make use of excel and CAD, ArcGIS and CROPWAT 8 sufficiently and employ them in the planning and designing process.

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A topographical survey is essential in the construction sites to locate and measure features, elevations, and slopes to ensure that the terrain is suitable and convenient for the proposed construction projects. It offers valuable insight into the planning of the prospective utilization of the land for industrial, commercial, residential buildings, schools or various other structures such as dams, irrigation infrastructure etc. Along with contours map and boundary survey, topo maps utilized by architects and engineers to make accurate designs based on existing features and attributes.

The benchmarks, staked out by the surveyor will be used as a reference point to guide the construction of the project. At the outset of the construction process, the surveyor lay out the paper plan on the terrain in order that the contractors get started on construction. On top of that, a survey is going to be carried out at the end of the construction to validate that the work completed is in accordance with the specifications set on plans. Therefore, surveying is an important part of any construction project.

Although technological innovations have helped to improve the accuracy of surveying, a skilled surveyor or civil Eng. ensures the reliability of the results. Our staffs are certainly well-qualified and capable of carrying out Total stations survey and delivers computer plotted topographic and contour maps with details and accuracy for any desired project sites.


Works on 3D building Modeling with Revit. We can do or Convert your autocad made 2D model to 3D model.

Send us your Autocad design 2D model with , Gdrive(wetransfer.com/)

send us the link through this E-mail.

We will turn it in to 3D Design Model.

Distance is not a barrier! not a limit!

Rent Total Stations on hourly or daily basis, with or without a surveyor


Our Services

HYDRO & CIVIL ENGINEERS CONSULTING FIRM: is a private civil engineering firm established in 2016 with its central office in Geneva, Switzerland and aiming to expand more rapidly to other parts of the world.

Our staff contains specialists in engineering hydrology, civil engineering, and irrigation domains, as a result, we predominantly offer professional services in these areas. We often work with outstanding experts who are leaders in their respected fields as well.

Our staff has considerable practical experience in Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Switzerland in the areas of design hydrology, irrigation infrastructures, Earth dam and building construction. As Switzerland is the center of precision instruments as well as other superior technological products, to mention few Leica, hexagon, we are able to handle modern engineering equipment and capable of utilizing hydro-logical models and most up-to-date engineering software’s in our projects.

Besides, we also offer technical training in the areas of Authodesk Revit (3D modeling), AutoCAD , employment of latest Total Stations (surveying instruments), together with other hydrological models to privately owned or governmental organizations.


Vision Statement

Currently, we provide services in the areas of civil engineering, predominantly hydrological, hydraulics, irrigation and construction monitoring. The vision is to add values to communities and putting the proficiency attained in more than 20 years of experiences in practice. Particularly we presume that we are able to play a part sufficiently in the sectors such as hydrology and hydraulics,  irrigation, dams, river training works as well as housing construction.

We are smaller in size aspiring to expand in the near future and provide services worldwide in collaboration with partners and associates.

We would like to work jointly in the areas where we are able to add considerably to bring in a difference in communities or simply be of importance. Our objective is always to improve our service quality and our engineering endeavors by teaming up with local or regional agencies.

The use of hydrological and mathematical models proficiently, employing advanced engineering instruments in our tasks, having access to technologically advanced support system and access to advanced lab tools, the capability to implement up-to-date engineering software programs render us competitive edge in the profession.

With an urge of serving our clients best, the “hydro engineers” work in association with networks of experts around the globe who are able to bring in their competencies whenever collaboration needed.

We are a dedicated team striving to convey progress into our community, we foresee needs and deliver every pledge we make.

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."

Albert Einstein